Now what?!! Rain!!! As if winter here isn’t bad enough now it’s raining! What a mess Spring will be this year!! Of course as one of my uncles said once. It’s not raining inside. LOL.  And of course me being like a bear in winter anyway, it has not really any affect on me.  However, it does affect the people I love. My DH can’t shovel this year because of serious back problems, so he has to depend on one of our boys coming and shovelling for him. We are quite lucky! Our son calls him every day to see if there is shovelling to be done. Then he comes and does it and sometimes he charges us – a supper. How lucky are we.  But alas, it has taken its tole on our son. He now has a very bad cold and finds it a little harder. He will be coming today however, because of course it is snowing again- on top of the rain!!! Ugh! What a mess!

Consolation for me? Only that we are not the only ones this year with crappy weather. I heard the Niagra Falls froze for the first time since 1911. Is this true or just something going around Facebook? I don’t know, but I would not be surprised!!

Of course with the weather being so terrible and me in hibernation indoors with a great excuse for not going outside,  it will give me a chance to get some of my 2014 crafting resolutions done. Fortunately I only have a couple.

  • Stamp pages with all of my stamp sets. This will make it easier for me to find what I want to use for a project.
  • Make at least 3 projects with each of my stamp sets, starting in alphabet order. (scrapbook, card, 3D). These projects will be the basis of my classes (online and live)
  • Make videos of all of these creations.
  • When I create a card for someone, I will create two- One to give away and one to keep for classes or to sell.
  • Create an Etsy Page to sell my creations.
  • Start that online class I have been wanting for so long. Would you join?

These are just a few – crafting resolutions. I have some more for my business resolutions and personal, but we won’t go into that now!

Oh my that’s a lot! I’d better get started and hope that my  resolutions don’t go out the window into the strong winds of northern Québec at the end of January like most resolutions.

I read on facebook.

“Mommy what is a New Years resolution?”

“Something people promise on New Years Day and forget two days later.”

I hope that is not me!!



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