It was a great weekend! My grand-daughter and I share the same Birthday, July 12th. She is 8 years old and well me… hmm we don’t ask a lady her age. LOL! Let me tell you that I was a little upset 8 years ago when I learned I would now have to share my Birthday. Today I think it is great. We go off by ourselves and do something special. Saturday we went to lunch. Unfortunately, Roxane wasn’t felling very well this year but we had a nice time anyway. It was such a beautiful day Saturday, The rest of the family was waiting for us in the yard balloons and all. We played cards and the kids had fun in the pool. Of course I don’t cook so Dear Hubby called for pizza.

I bet nobody can guess what I got for my birthday. I wonder how many women ask for one of these. I had asked for it a while back and was not even thinking of it. Well hubby put it in his memory (which he says is terrible, ha!) and lo and behold I got it!! Do you give up? Check the pic below.. Oh yes! Every Scrapper should have one. I’ll tell you why after the picture.


Lunch at St Hubert

Lunch at St Hubert


Then back at the house it twas time for gifts and fun in the sun! We had Pizza for supper and played cards of course! A perfect Day!!


my gift




Just a few of Roxane’s gifts. I made the Bendy Bear card and we gave Roxane a Paper Pumpkin with Stampin’ Up Markers. She love scrapbooking as you know.




When I go to a Crop, I bring my e-cutter, my laptop, and of course my heat embossing tool and a hot glue gun. Well, there never seems to be an electrical outlet near me and I never have a long enough extension cord. Well, what do you know?! I saw this at Walmart and told Roch I really needed this. He said “Well, buy it” Hmmm not something I wanted to buy for myself. I said it would make a great birthday gift. He looked at me with ????? on his face. What woman asks for and extension cord for her birthday! Welll……. me! So he got if for me. It was really the best gift I received! Now when I go to the yearly weekend crop or any crop for that matter I will be set – an extension cord with serveral plugs and that rolls up easily!   Yaaaaaaaaay for me!!






Two birthdays – 2 cakes. While my cake was store bought, Roxane’s mother does what I used to do for my kids. She made Roxane’s. I must say, she has much more talent the me! Isn’t that dolphin cake beautiful?






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