Wow!! Was it ever hot today. I did manage to do a short video though. It is mostly for beginners. How to mount your clear mount stamps! I will post it somethime this week. I still have a few tweeks to do. This weekend was catch up for me. I caught up on my inventory, my finances and something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I finally completed John Sanpeitro’s ( the Business Stampers Coach Group) class for Evernote. I don’t know if any of you have heard of Evernote, but it is the BOMB of Tasks and management.  You can save literally everything you can put in a file drawer in Evernote. I think of it as a paperless filing system. I have been copying and printing tutorials for years. Can I find them? NO! I have binders full. You can’t use word search in a binder. Heres how to get started using  Evernote Go to Evernote– set up an account (free). Create your categories (now don’t get carried away with the categories. The fewer the better. Then you tag everything. This is how you will find things, by searching the tags. I loved John’s class. I had been using Evernote for sometime but it was like my paper filing system-A mess. I hadn’t been using tags and just filed everything in one notebook (filefolder) Though John’s class is for business owners, I am sure anyone that follows it will be able to get the message he is driving. Let me give you an example on how Evernote works (in my laymans words) : You are on Pinterest or someone’s blog and there is an article or a picture you would love to save. Sure go ahead, save that page in you favorites or on your browser bar. Good luck trying to find it later. AND if you do find it that post or picture may be far away. With Evernote you click on the cute elephant icon (an elephant never forgets, right?) Check if you wish to save the article or the page and voila. If you have created a notebook called “Inbox” and made it your default everything will go there. Then go to your Evernote desktop  download, do a syncronization, tag you article and file it (move it to the appropriate notebook) Try doing that with your paper filing! Go ahead, I dare you.  So  I love Evernote before and am even lovin’ it more now. You can even take a picture with you mobile phone and file it to Evernote. Whoo hoo no more paper!! Laughing and pointing emoticon Now I’ve been told that this Saturday is “Tell a Joke Day”. I’m not very good at jokes. It has been a running gag at our house for years. You have to understand that until our first grand-daughter was born, I was the only woman in the house. When the boys were old enough to tell jokes,  it was the hype of the supper table.  One would tell a joke and they would all laugh….. except me. I just could never get the punch line or when I did they were already on another joke.  So eventually when they would see the question mark on my face, they would laugh and say “Don’t worry Mom, you’ll get it on Tuesday” Even to this day they still say that. However I am a little quicker. Now here’s the thing. I want to hear some of your jokes.   Post a joke here or on my FaceBook page. Let’s see if I really have gotten a little quicker. I may even decide to give a little surprise to the funniest joke. (only if it cracks me up) One thing though- keep it clean.

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Last Modified: August 11, 2014

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