Yahooo What a great weekend! It was our yearly crop on the weekend. We were 16 ladies addicted to Scrapbooking. The theme was Western. The three organizers are connected to the military. Their hard work preparing this weekend crop paid off big time. We had a blast.  Our group was small but that made it even more fun.

Saturday we had a photo session outdoors. Lac Pouce in Laterierre QC is  well known for it’s beautiful scenery. Being fall, the colours were beautiful. There was an old water pump that was just screaming at us to use in our photos. And of course what western photo doesn’t have a wagon wheel.

The cottage itself was superb.  There are eight rooms and each room has 4 bunk-beds. Everything indoors! We could go from our rooms to the cafeteria to the Scrap room where we scrapped until the wee hours of the morning. We wanted for nothing. The girls made sure there were plenty of sweets, fruit water and coffee on hand. I loved the fact that we were all in one place. I prefer this to a hotel were everyone goes there separate way. It is more personal. And we had such a great gang.

Here are some pictures. Of course we fooled around a lot during the photo shoot. We staged a shootout  and I won. I turned on “three” while Marie-Josée was waiting for “GO”. I created a double page of one. Check out the photos. The wording and “journaling” are in French but here’s the English Version

Showdown Mrs. Scrapbooking (I am a Stampin’ Up demo) and Ms Scrapper.

In the 1st photo I am counting. Can you see my “pistol” ? It was a little gun in a holster on a rope that goes around the neck. I will post a close up so you can see the real size.

One two…..

Next picture…. three and I turned fast and your dead! LOL

Marie-Josée posed for the death scene. I couldn’t have planned this. When I saw the photo, I knew I had to use it.

The second page is made the rest of the story. The banner reads “Wanted”  The photo of me with the scarf reads “last seen by the old wagon wheel.

Then of course the Cowboy sheriff found me.

Then at the end I added a journal so when my kids go through my things and wonder what the heck was Mom doing in these photos they will know that I was at a crop at Lac Pouce. The theme was “Western”  I had a blast playing cowboys. I must mention that this was a bingo challenge. Most of what you see on these pages are elements that had to be on there to win DOLLARS to buy tickets for the prizes.

If you can’t see the whole image click on it.

Shoot out at the OK Coral

Shoot out at the OK Coral

Here are some other photos. Click on the thumbnails to see the full image.

La-gang-Lac-Pouce-2014 Me-and-my-litlle-gun Me-and-water-pump P1270245 P1270252-copy


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