Do you need a get well card. I found this card, I think on Pinterest. I was in need of a get well card. I thought it was so stinkin’ cute, I just had to do one. My sister in law has been hospitalized with pneumonia which of course started as the “common” cold. She went in on the 23rd of December and was released only this week-end. Since October, our hospital has been closed to visitors because of the severity  of the “common” cold. Her daughter was allowed a visit on the 24th but not Christmas day and once or twice since then. She couldn’t even get the TV installed, because the person that takes the request form and hook up was not allowed on the floors!  Pretty bad huh?Roch went to see his sister and bring our card, but was refused visitation. He had to leave the package at the door!   .  With the cold season upon us and every other person down with it, I thought this was an excellent get well card. It’s guaranteed to put a smile on one’s face, don’t you think? So far I have been pretty lucky considering my dear hubby and son caught it. But it is hovering over me, just waiting for me to overdue so my defenses are down. LOL.

I wish I could take the credit for creating this adorable pop-up. But alas… no. I am just responsible for spreading it around…… just like the “common” cold.

I have been asked to share the instructions, so I will by tomorrow. Check back here then or if I am done today, I will let you all know.

So wait no more….. Here is my little kleenex pop up get well card. I made the outside quite simple so not to take away the surprise inside. You can make it any way as simple or as complicated as you wish.

Come back tomorrow. I will have the instructions posted with maybe a video tutorial.


Inside with Pop up Translation of text is “After the rain, comes the good weather.”


The outside of the card very simple and of course there is a matching envelope.

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