Last chance for FREE DELIVERY for Stampin’ Up product!

Last chance for FREE DELIVERY for Stampin’ Up product!

Saying good-bye to another favorite! Look at some of the projects I made with the versitile framelit. !!


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All dressed up pleated skirt

All dressed up pleated skirt




Dress up framelits and Pop N Cuts card base and dress form pop ‘n Cuts will are on the retiring list. Get yours before they are Gone!!


Dress Up

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Oh my gosh! Retiring products going fast!





Oh my gosh! Retiring products going fast.  More retiring products sold out! Are you favorite stamps or accessories still available? Don’t  wait. Order today before they are gone for good.

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Fun on a Saturday afternoon

Saturday afternoon I had a  Stampin ‘Up workshop. We made two cards and we had a lot of fun. All the guests enjoyed their afternoon. In addition they all had one or two gifts of their choice that is available in the  Sale-a-bration 2014 catalog. The hostess sold for $ 775, which gave her $ 170 dollars hostess and 2 items at half price! No need to sayto say how happy she was! You too could to spend dollars in catalogs Stampin ‘Up! Invite friends home for a demonstration workshop. You do 1 or 2 cards and when your guests bought for $ 200 you can win $ 35 Hostess, If sales of the workshop amounts to $ 265 you can win $ 40 and so on. AND during Sale-a-bration, we ameilior prices. See table here below. From $ 400 sales added $ 40 Hostess of dollars.


Contact me today to reserve your Stampin’ Up Party


Sale-a-bration 2014 hostess dollar table

SAB hostess dollars 2014








What??!! New Years Resolutions!!

Now what?!! Rain!!! As if winter here isn’t bad enough now it’s raining! What a mess Spring will be this year!! Of course as one of my uncles said once. It’s not raining inside. LOL.  And of course me being like a bear in winter anyway, it has not really any affect on me.  However, it does affect the people I love. My DH can’t shovel this year because of serious back problems, so he has to depend on one of our boys coming and shovelling for him. We are quite lucky! Our son calls him every day to see if there is shovelling to be done. Then he comes and does it and sometimes he charges us – a supper. How lucky are we.  But alas, it has taken its tole on our son. He now has a very bad cold and finds it a little harder. He will be coming today however, because of course it is snowing again- on top of the rain!!! Ugh! What a mess!

Consolation for me? Only that we are not the only ones this year with crappy weather. I heard the Niagra Falls froze for the first time since 1911. Is this true or just something going around Facebook? I don’t know, but I would not be surprised!!

Of course with the weather being so terrible and me in hibernation indoors with a great excuse for not going outside,  it will give me a chance to get some of my 2014 crafting resolutions done. Fortunately I only have a couple.

  • Stamp pages with all of my stamp sets. This will make it easier for me to find what I want to use for a project.
  • Make at least 3 projects with each of my stamp sets, starting in alphabet order. (scrapbook, card, 3D). These projects will be the basis of my classes (online and live)
  • Make videos of all of these creations.
  • When I create a card for someone, I will create two- One to give away and one to keep for classes or to sell.
  • Create an Etsy Page to sell my creations.
  • Start that online class I have been wanting for so long. Would you join?

These are just a few – crafting resolutions. I have some more for my business resolutions and personal, but we won’t go into that now!

Oh my that’s a lot! I’d better get started and hope that my  resolutions don’t go out the window into the strong winds of northern Québec at the end of January like most resolutions.

I read on facebook.

“Mommy what is a New Years resolution?”

“Something people promise on New Years Day and forget two days later.”

I hope that is not me!!



Fire under the Dubuc bridge separates Chicoutimi North and South

It has been a week and a half now that there was a fire under the bridge that joins the north and south of my city Chicoutimi over the Saguenay River. It’s a good thing that people can still walk on the old bridge.

On December 9 at around 11h00 pm, a fire started under the bridge in a Construction site. They have been making necessary maintenance reparations and the workers  were pouring cement under the bridge and to dry it quicker, they turned on the propane furnace and I guess  something was too close to the fire, because from 11pm to about three in the morning flames surged from under the bridge. Since then engineers have been analyzing the situation. So since the 9 of December we on the north side which include over 25,000 people have to either cross the old bridge by foot or take a 42 kilometer detour.

The army came and installed tents every so many meters to help fight the cold and winds. I can’t say what it is like to cross  the bridge by foot because I am one of many people that take the detour. My son however, crosses at least 4 times a week which each way is a little over 1/2 a mile each way. Great exercise. If he crosses at “rush” hour he is one in hundreds crossing.

They just announced this morning that the Dubuc bridge would open tomorrow morning (over 10 days later) for light traffic- no heavy vehicles including buses. Instead of being two lanes each way it will only be 1 lane each way.

So for the last 10 days a ride that usually takes me 20 minutes takes 1 hour. Just goes to show you how spoiled we are these days. I am used to jumping in my car and going into town for a small errand. Now we have to plan ahead and not go before at least 10h00 am AND  we have to be ready to return before 3h00 pm. or it won’t take us 1 hour, it will take us two as we would be in rush hour. I know it still isn’t as bad as the big cities like Montreal or Toronto or New York but when you are used to one way of life….. Like I said we are spoiled!

This should be back to normal by the end of January. This situation has hurt the economy. Even a little entrepreneur like myself. I had a class last Saturday and had to cancel because the girls coming live on the south side of Chicoutimi and did not want to cross the bridge with for scrapbooking and found it would be too long and expensive in gas to go out of their way 42 kilometers.

Though we have been inconvenienced, I am aware that there are people way worse off than we. Lake Magentic lost over 40 people in the train wreck. There have been no lives lost in our city.

With that I do wish you all a very Merry Christmas, health and happiness to all.

fire under the bridge

Winter is here and so are the final October specials!!

Winter is here and so are the final October specials!!

Yes we had our first “snowfall” yesterday. Not much, just enough to remind us that winter is fast on our heels! I know other places have already had a large dump, but I am in no hurry!! It has however, made me think of my Christmas projects. In fact a friend of mine is coming to make snowflakes with me this afternoon. We will be using the Festive Flurry framelits and stamps. I can’t wait. I have already made a couple. Here is one of them.

 Isn’t it gorgeous!! I will be giving a class on how to make this lovely. It will be available as a video class as well. Stay tuned.Snow-flake-festive-flurry


On another note, this is the last week of October and with it brings the final October specials from Stampin Up! Here are this week’s specials. Get your orders in  today. I will send my order on Monday November 4th. You may place your order online using this Hostess Code 77AWGXJG (not valid in Québec)


That’s it for me today. I must go get my snowflakes ready!


Til next time, keep those creative juices flowing


I’m a shadow box junkie

I just finished my  shadow box of my grandaughter’s school picture. I had done one of my other grandaughter and one of my grandson. I still have 2 more to go.  I didn’t have Jessica’s at the same time I had Zach’s and Roxane’s. I complained and complained that I was waiting for Jessica’s picture. When I finally got it. I procratinated. 

Then yesterday I was making rosettes and it hit me! These would look great on Jessica’s Shadow Box page. So I got everything out. (my page foundation -the box was already made). I made rosettes but did not finish them I glued them to fit in opposite corners. I wanted the matting to be a little different – not straight on-so the mat goes one way and the picture goes the other way. Of course you just have to have butterflies and my favorite stamp set is papillon potpourri and the punches that coordinate. I made stamped and embossed them and stacked them in 3s to get that 3D effect. I had some left overs pieces from the spring catalogue that I put on top of the rosettes. I thought that gave them a finish different than a pearl. I am so sad I won’t be able to get anymore.  Now my page is ready for the shadow box.

Now I just have to finish the last two. I have been planning 5. I need to get nice pictures of the next two. I have finally decided what they will be. One will be recient pictures of our three sons and our daughter-in-law and the other of Roch and myself. Then our staircase will be finished. I guess these pictures will wait for Christmas for that will be the next big occasion for family pictures.

Well that’s it for today. I have to go finish hubby’s birthday card.

Until next time, keep your creative juices flowing. It is the very best therapy for whatever ails you.


this is the  page before installed in the frame.

I made the box 8 x 10 and made the page to go inside.



This is the finishe product. 

I glued the glass to the frame, then placed the box on top then using black duct tape sealed the whole thing.




If you would like information on how to create a shadow box contact me by email at




Have you entered my Pinterest Contest?

Hi there

Have you entered my Pinterest contest? It’s really easy. All you have to do is

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Send me an email at  with your name and phone number. Tell me what is the best time for me to call you. That’s it.

I can’t wait to speak with you and I’m looking forward to sending you the catalogue.

If you are already a member of Stamp with Jega and you do not yet have a catalogue (annual or Holiday) Send me an email at  with your name and phone number. Tell me what is the best time for me to call you. That’s it.

I can’t wait to speak with you and I’m looking forward to sending you the catalogue.

Here are a couple of photos of one of the projects we will be making  November 16th  class. We will be focusing on Christmas of course, but I made one like this for a wedding gift. Take a look at the second photo.

My November class filled up very quickly so sign up for the one on November 16th today. You really don’t want to miss out on some wonderful projects. Hope to see your name on my list!!

That’s it for today.

IMG_0004 IMG_0003


IMG_0003 IMG_0004









Happy Thanksgiving to all Canadians

Yes, it’s here the day to give thanks – Thanksgiving but only in Canada. Our American friends have their Thanksgiving in November.

My daughter-in-law and son asked my yesterday if I knew why Canada and the United States celebrated Thanksgiving so far apart.

The answer seemed logical to me at the time. Canada is so much further north and the farmers’ crops are ready way before the Candians.

This morning I wanted to make sure I knew what I was talking about so of course I googled it. (isn’t it so much fun these days to find your answers at your fingertips?

So here is the skinny (this is an article taken from Staff in 2007.) I am so glad I wasn’t far off…

Happy Turkey Day everyone!


‘”The common wisdom seems to be that because we’re so much farther north, our harvest days arrive earlier, and so we give thanks a lot sooner – although it’s hard to be grateful for an earlier winter.

Whatever the truth, there’s one fact history can’t deny – Canada has been celebrating the holiday a lot longer than our southern neighbours.

Thanksgiving in Canada actually goes back to 1578 in Newfoundland, when explorer Martin Frobisher held a ceremony of gratitude for surviving the journey from Europe.

Americans, led by the Puritans and the Mayflower, didn’t begin their annual tradition until 1621 – 43 years later.

But the first official Canuck day of thanks actually started in – of all months – April of 1872, as a grateful nation celebrated the recovery of King Edward VII from an illness.

Our next turkey time came seven years later, and this time it was in November! It stayed that way until 1899, when it moved to a Thursday in October. And talk about an unstable holiday.

In 1901 and 1904, it was on a Thursday in November.

Between 1908 and 1921, it was moved to a Monday in October.

And from 1922 to 1930, it was actually celebrated on what is now Remembrance Day – November 11th!

In fact, Canada didn’t actually settle on a true Thanksgiving Day until 1957, when Parliament finally fixed the date as the second Monday in October, where it remains now, giving us the final long weekend of the season.

Now that’s something to truly be thankful for.”



12 weeks before Christmas

Oh yes! Christmas is not far away. Sign up for my newletters and you will receive a project each week starting the first week of October.

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Have you seen the new Stampin’ Up! punch board! You can make up to 66 different sizes! It’s as easy as 1-2-3-

1. cut your paper

2. line up and punch & score your paper

3. fold and glue.


But that’s not all!!!! 

Did you know you could also make cards? Check out the card I made for my nephew’s 50th.

Materials used

Cardstock and designer series paper
Modern Medley Designer Series Paper (126926) and the envelope punch board.
Whisper White cardstock (100730)

Basic Black  (126980)

Big Shot
Envelope Liner framelits (132172)
Envelope Punch Board (133174)
Circle Punch 2-1/2 inch (120906)
Circle Punch 1-3/8 inch (119860)

Memorable Moments (132039)

Envelope Punch Board Card

Birthday card made with Envelope Punch Board



I used the same paper to decorate the inside of the envelope using my envelope liner framelits.

Contact me to order any of these products here.

’til next time


Great success



 Hi everyone,

I had my first crop last weekend. It was a huge success! I had great talented women. We laughed and learned and though they were experienced crafters, they learned somethings from me!

Here are some pictures of these wonderful ladies and their comments.


I had a wonderful day with you and the ladies on Saturday. Though I have been an avid crafter for sometime, you still managed to teach me something I did not know. G.G.”


It was a beautiful Saturday, pleasant, constructive and friendly. Lots of  tips and tricks for me. Thank you to you and to the ladies who were willing to share their experience.  See you again soon. M.F.


what a beautiful day I even  met some Fabulous ladies!


Hope you will join us next time!


Join my online classes.







Do you decorate for Halloween?

When my children were small, we always decorated for Halloween. My husband made a man of straw and placed him on the veranda. He also made RIP stones out of Styrofoam and put them on the front lawn.. This and the appropriate music playing outside completed the whole Halloween ambiance. He had fun making the children’s costumes. Yes, the home made ​​costumes were made by my man and I handled the decorations inside.

The children grew and Halloween decorations decreased. But I still love to do decorations myself.

What about you? Do you decorate for Halloween? Do you do the decorations yourself or do you buy them?

I’d like to know how you celebrate Halloween. Do you still go to Halloween Parties? Do you wear a costume?  If so do you make your costume or buy it? Here are some of the costumes from the good ol’ days

Here is one of my first pages (before I knew the material quality. LOL. All costumes in this page (yes even those their friends are wearing were all done by dear hubby with old clothes. The friends would show up before going trick or treating and DH would do them up each their turn. What fun I had watching the master in motion! The kids still talk about these great times.



See those two beautiful angels with their goodies on the bottom right of the page. You’ve guessed it! Their my beautiful angels nice and spank’n clean.

 Can you guess who these two are and who made ​​the costumes?

Ahhhh the good old days!


Halloween Roch_Jeannette 1971

This is a page from the album made by our children for my birthday 60 years. Scrapbooking is contagious!  LOL


halloween 001


Today our children are grown and they decorate for their children, but I had a lot of fun strolling down memory lane with you today.

Get out your old photos! Take a walk down memory lane. It’s good therapy. Write a note beside those pictures so that your children what you were feeling at the time in a certain picture.

’til next time and have a great walk down memory lane.




My creative process Day 5- What’s inside

As promised, here is how I finished this card. It is not always the same. Sometimes just a whisper white layer on the right side of the inside. But, today I did something special.


My finished card

My creative process Intro


Good morning,

As promised I have created a video series on my creative process.  Here is the first video. Enjoy!!



Here’s what you’ve been waiting for

 Ok folks,

This is my finished version of the card I showed yesterday. Can you see the difference??

Come back on Monday and I will take you through the process of how I went from this…..



card golf anne laflamme


to this!!


MikeG--Bcard-2013-08My finished card MikeG--Bcard-2013-08

My Creative Process


I am often asked whether or not I copy or design my own cards. Well, I guess you could say both. When I see a card I like I copy parts of it and make some of it my own.

Let me show you what I mean.

When I  saw this card (made by a friend of mine Anne Laflamme), I knew right there and then I had to make this for my brother-in-law.

card golf anne laflamme

So the process begins. Come back tomorrow to see how I began my processing journy!!