brrrrrr automne is upon us!

Wow! There was frost on the car windows this week in the Lauentide Park in northern Québec. Sometimes I wonder what I am still doing here. Winters were so much less bitter cold in Ontario. Then I begin thinking all I have accomplished since being here. The winters are bitter cold but I do have a lot to be thankful for. Count my blessings, my dear Gran would say.
What better time to remember this saying we all remember from dear Gran. Thanksgiving is around the corner. Time we start thinking of what we have to be thankful for. Sometimes it seems that we don’t have much, but if we really stop and think about it, we will always find something. We just have to dig deep sometimes.

And…. speaking of Thanksgiving, wouldn’t you just love a table like this one? It’s easy when you purchase Stampin’ Up’s simply created Kit. 

Table setting


Here’s a close up. 

Close up of table setting

Set the mood for 10 dinner guests; napkin holders,(cardstock holders, Designer series paper belly bands, name banners, journalling cards); table tents (Designer Series Paper bases, die-cut chalkboard labels, White Stampin Chalk Marker); centerpiece wraps (birch paper ribbon, Chocolate Chip paper ribbon); accents (Linen Thread and die-cut printed leaves).

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Great success



 Hi everyone,

I had my first crop last weekend. It was a huge success! I had great talented women. We laughed and learned and though they were experienced crafters, they learned somethings from me!

Here are some pictures of these wonderful ladies and their comments.


I had a wonderful day with you and the ladies on Saturday. Though I have been an avid crafter for sometime, you still managed to teach me something I did not know. G.G.”


It was a beautiful Saturday, pleasant, constructive and friendly. Lots of  tips and tricks for me. Thank you to you and to the ladies who were willing to share their experience.  See you again soon. M.F.


what a beautiful day I even  met some Fabulous ladies!


Hope you will join us next time!


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Do you decorate for Halloween?

When my children were small, we always decorated for Halloween. My husband made a man of straw and placed him on the veranda. He also made RIP stones out of Styrofoam and put them on the front lawn.. This and the appropriate music playing outside completed the whole Halloween ambiance. He had fun making the children’s costumes. Yes, the home made ​​costumes were made by my man and I handled the decorations inside.

The children grew and Halloween decorations decreased. But I still love to do decorations myself.

What about you? Do you decorate for Halloween? Do you do the decorations yourself or do you buy them?

I’d like to know how you celebrate Halloween. Do you still go to Halloween Parties? Do you wear a costume?  If so do you make your costume or buy it? Here are some of the costumes from the good ol’ days

Here is one of my first pages (before I knew the material quality. LOL. All costumes in this page (yes even those their friends are wearing were all done by dear hubby with old clothes. The friends would show up before going trick or treating and DH would do them up each their turn. What fun I had watching the master in motion! The kids still talk about these great times.



See those two beautiful angels with their goodies on the bottom right of the page. You’ve guessed it! Their my beautiful angels nice and spank’n clean.

 Can you guess who these two are and who made ​​the costumes?

Ahhhh the good old days!


Halloween Roch_Jeannette 1971

This is a page from the album made by our children for my birthday 60 years. Scrapbooking is contagious!  LOL


halloween 001


Today our children are grown and they decorate for their children, but I had a lot of fun strolling down memory lane with you today.

Get out your old photos! Take a walk down memory lane. It’s good therapy. Write a note beside those pictures so that your children what you were feeling at the time in a certain picture.

’til next time and have a great walk down memory lane.




My creative process Day 5- What’s inside

As promised, here is how I finished this card. It is not always the same. Sometimes just a whisper white layer on the right side of the inside. But, today I did something special.


My finished card

My creative process Intro


Good morning,

As promised I have created a video series on my creative process.  Here is the first video. Enjoy!!



Here’s what you’ve been waiting for

 Ok folks,

This is my finished version of the card I showed yesterday. Can you see the difference??

Come back on Monday and I will take you through the process of how I went from this…..



card golf anne laflamme


to this!!


MikeG--Bcard-2013-08My finished card MikeG--Bcard-2013-08

My Creative Process


I am often asked whether or not I copy or design my own cards. Well, I guess you could say both. When I see a card I like I copy parts of it and make some of it my own.

Let me show you what I mean.

When I  saw this card (made by a friend of mine Anne Laflamme), I knew right there and then I had to make this for my brother-in-law.

card golf anne laflamme

So the process begins. Come back tomorrow to see how I began my processing journy!!

Stampin’ Up Convention 2013

Hi everyone,

Well I’ve been back from the Stampin’ Up! convention for about a week now. Sorry I haven’t posed about it yet. I had company from out of town. But now back to business. Check out these photos.






The famous Rock Diner Franco
Hi everyone,

Well I’ve been back from the Stampin’ Up! convention for about a week now. Sorry I haven’t posed about it yet. I had company from out of town. But now back to business. Check out these photos.


This is a wall deco in the offices of Stampin’ Up!


wal deco stampin up



The new Bow die

The new Bow die

circle thinlits

new thinlits





Here is where our orders are processed. AMAZING!

Here is where our orders are processed. AMAZING!


Here is a picture of of the Stampin Up Head Office Building

Here is a picture of of the Stampin Up Head Office Building


Inside the building right in the center.

Inside the building right in the center.


Second floor view

Second floor view


Beautiful grounds

Beautiful grounds








I made that mini album?


Wow! I had been promising myself for a long time to make a mini album. I had made an easy one with the Simply Scrappin’ kits, but I wanted to really put myself to the test-soo I made this one. It did take me a little longer than I had thought. I had run out of tape and of course being anxious to finish I had on occasion forgot the basic rule of thumb ” measure twice cut once “. Anyway, got my tape finally but than I was in a crunch to finish it for the 50th birthday of our niece. So here it is.

On the left side of each page is a pouch with no bottom. This is used to insert the pages into the binding system. There are 6 pages to the album- 2 of style.

Leave me a comment if you agree that I my first mini album turned out pretty good.


This is the cover. As you can see, it is for a 50th birthday .




The left side of this picture is the pouch. The right side is a flip pocket. The pocket flips up and out.



This is a full page for photos or journaling.



This page is a flip out page



This is the inside of the flip out page.



This is the back cover with a corner pocket.


How to get beautiful photos and showcase them!

Happy camera day,

We have come a long way since the first camera. I remember using a camera with a cube flash. hmm am I giving away my age? Today with digital cameras, taking and showcasing our pictures is really quite easy when you follow the steps I am about to share with you in celebration of camera day.

I was getting ok pictures, but after researching on how I could improve my picture taking, my end results are much improved.  Here are some tips I researched that may help you get the great results you’ve always wanted!

  • Fill the frame when you’re taking photos. Move in close to your subject. Focus on the eyes.
  • As much as possible, use natural light when photographing. Best time to take photos is early morning or late afternoon because the light is softer.
  • Step on a chair above the group when taking group pictures. Having people look up toward the camera creates a flattering image. Don’t shoot legs and feet. Focus on the faces and make sure you have plenty of room around everyone’s head.
  • When looking in the viewfinder, make sure there are no strange objects in the back of anyone’s head. You don’t want it to look as someone is an alien with trees growing out of his head.
  • Now, that you’ve taken great pictures and you’ve created your scrapbook page here are some tips you can do before sharing that page online with family and friends.
  • I wanted to buy a large format scanner until I researched the price. I now take pictures of my pages.

Here’s what I have learned to take better pictures of that beautiful scrapbook page that you want to share online.

  • Lay your page on the floor. I lay mine on the floor in front of a window to capture the natural light.
  • Hold your camera right square over the page to be photographed.( watch that your feet are not in the way)
  • Turn off your camera’s flash. I show two photos here – one with flash on- one with flash off. I prefer the one with the flash off. You will notice that the one with the flash on has a burst of light in one of the photos on the page.
  • Zoom in but leave some room around the photo. (watch your feet don’t get in the way ) I repeat this because it happened to me. I took a great picture but when I went to edit, there they were- my feet! Good thing I had left some room so I could crop them out.
  • Snap your photo
  • Now to enhance your photo! I usually use Photoshop Elements, but for the purpose of this post, (as I know not many have Photoshop) I used Picmonkey. (free editing tool).
  • Go to Picmonkey. Click on Edit photo (top left). Find your photo to upload it to Picmonkey. On the left side of the screen you will see options to crop, rotate, etc. Play around with these enhancing options until you get the result you like. Save your modified photo under a new name as not to lose your original.
  • Hope this has helped you bring your next photo to the next level of expertise.

 This picture was taken with the flash on1- original photo

This one the flash is off. See the difference?

original pic without flash

Finally the image modified in Picmonkey. I cropped it very close.

Photo modif with picmonkeycroppedtight


Resources used for this post.
Stamping is my
Taking good





Salut à tous,

Aujourd’hui, c’est la Journée de la caméra. Pour célébrer cette journée, j’ai fait quelques recherches sur la façon dont je pourrais améliorer ma prise de photo. (pourquoi réinventé la roue?) Je vous résume quelques trucs que j’ai trouvé qui pourraient vous aider à obtenir les excellents résultats que vous avez toujours rêvés! 
  • Remplir le cadre lorsque vous prenez des photos. Rapprochez-vous de votre sujet. Mettre le focus  sur les yeux.
  • Autant que possible, utiliser la lumière naturelle lorsque vous photographiez. Le meilleur moment pour prendre des photos est tôt le matin ou en fin d’après-midi parce que la lumière est plus douce.
  • Monter sur une chaise au-dessus du groupe en prenant des photos de groupe. Avoir les gens se tournent vers la caméra crée une image flatteuse. N’essayez de prendre toutes les jambes et les pieds. Focus plutôt sur les visages et assurez-vous que vous avez suffisamment d’espace autour de la tête de tout le monde.
  • Lorsque l’on regarde dans le viseur, assurez-vous qu’il n’y a pas d’objets étranges dans le dos de la tête de quelqu’un. Vous ne voulez pas avoir l’air de quelqu’un est un extra-terrestre avec les arbres qui poussent sur sa tête.
  • Maintenant que vous avez pris de belles photos et vous avez créé votre page de scrapbook, voici quelques conseils que vous pouvez faire avant de partager cette page en ligne avec famille et amis.
  • Je voulais acheter un scanner grand format jusqu’à ce que j’aie recherché le prix. Je prends maintenant des photos de mes pages.

Voici ce que j’ai appris durant mes recherches pour obtenir les meilleurs résultats de prise de vos pages de scrapbook ou vos créations de cartes.

  • Poser la page sur le sol. J’ai mis la mienne sur le sol en face d’une fenêtre.
  • Tenez votre appareil au dessus la page à photographier. Assurez une bonne encadrement au dessus de votre photo.
  • Désactivez le flash. Je montre deux photos ici – l’une avec flash l’autre avec le flash fermé. Je préfère celui sans flash. Vous remarquerez que celui avec le flash dispos d’un éclat de lumière dans une des photos sur la page.
  • Zoom avant, mais laisser un peu de place autour de la photo. (Assurer de ne pas voir vos pieds dans le viseur.) J
  • Prenez votre photo.
  • Maintenant, pour améliorer votre photo! J’utilise habituellement Photoshop Element pour ce post, (comme je ne sais beaucoup ont Photoshop) j’ai utilisé Picmonkey. (Outil web d’édition photo gratuit).
  • Allez à Picmonkey. Pour ouvrir votre photo, cliquez sur « Edit Photo » (en haut à gauche). Trouvez votre photo à télécharger sur Picmonkey. Sur le côté gauche de l’écran vous verrez des options de Crop (recadrage), Rotate( rotation), etc jouer avec ces options d’amélioration jusqu’à ce que vous obtenez le résultat que vous souhaitez. Sauvegardez votre photo modifiée sous un nouveau nom pour ne pas perdre votre original.
  • J’espère que cela vous a aidé à apporter votre prochaine photo à l’autre niveau d’expertise.

Les ressources utilisées pour cet article.

Stamping is my

Take good

Hurry only a few days left!!

Wow! what a month June has been. From celebration to sadness. I started the month pumped  up with the new Stampin’ Up! catalogue and was charged up for a great event on the 15th to push start the new year. But then a dear brother-in-law took a turn for the worst and lost his life to that dreaded decease CANCER! So we dropped everything and left for Ontario. He will be greatly missed by friends and family.

We are back now and sadly enough life does go on. On a brighter note. There is still time to get two of the great greeting stamp sets at 25% off.  Though “Petite Pairs” and “Sassy Salutions are on Back order at the moment, if you order before June 30 you are garanteed the 25% rebate.

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Sassy SalutationsUntitled-12Untitled-12

Finalement le nouveau Catalogue Stampin’ Up est arrivé!!

en ce journée de pluie je vous ammène des bonnes nouvelles!!
Woohoo !! On attend depuis quelques temps et finalement il est arrivé!! Le nouveau catalogue est plein de nouveautés. Vous n’avez pas de copie, vous pouvez le regardez ici ou si vous voulez une copie papier, vous avez simplement faire une commande de 50$ et plus et je vous en mettrai un dans votre commande GRATUIT!
EN PLUS:  Si vous êtes comme moi, vous cherchez toujours des étampes avec de vœux en Français. Bon, le recherche est terminé!!
Jusqu’au fin de juin, Stampin’ Up offre u rabais de 25% sur 3 jeux d’étampes de vœux à mettre sur vos cartes et projets! Deux entre eux sont en Français et ils étaient déjà sur ma liste de souhaits!! yoooopiii!



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Bon je vous laisse pour placer ma commande de mes favoris! 
Quelles sont vos favoris du nouveau catalogue?

Que faites vous avec vos photos?


oof! Très occupé aujourd’hui la madame. J’ai eu des photos 5 x7 d’école de mes petits enfants et je me suis promis de faire quelque chose autre que juste mettre dans un cadre. Bon, j’ai commencé par monter une page scrapbooking 8 x 10 pour insérer dans mes cadres 8 x10. Mmmm ma page est très belle, mais je veux ajouter des fleurs. Idée!! Je vais ajouter mes fleurs autour de le cadre. ….. J’aime plus au moins. Une autre idée. Je vais faire un « shadow box » comme j’ai acheté dans un magasin local. J’en ai quelques cadres a faire et je veux les faire des montures de scrapbooking, donc acheter des « shadow box » sera assai dispendieux, donc je ferai moi-même. Voici les résultats. La photo ne le fait pas justice. Il est difficile de voir la profondeur, mais croyez moi, c’est très joli.

N’oubliez pas ! Seulement quelques jours avant vos produits favoris disparaissent. Me contacter pour placer votre commande.

How beautiful are butterflies on vellum

Hi everybody,

First, I would like to send my thoughts to those in the disaster of the Oklahoma Tornado.  As I watch the television and the homes and lives are lost, it makes me appreciate what I have. I do find it a beautiful thing though how people come together when disaster strikes.

I love butterflies. They represent the beauty and freedom for me. I use butterflies on a lot of my cards. I recently used the large swallowtail and the thumping technique. Just love it.This card was made with the papillon potpourri stamp set. I stamped the butterflies in versamark and embossed them with the beautiful pool party embossing powder. Do you know how many colors stamping up has? Fifteen colors that match papers, ink and embellishments. I am an embossing fanatic! I also used Pool party and Rasberry Ripple cardstock as well as 3/8″ Stitched Satin Ribbon in Rasberry Ripple.

Remember The annual and spring catalog are coming to an end and retiring stamps will no longer be available. Retiring accessories will only be available while supplies last.

Order your favorites stamps today and take advantage of the savings from a lot of the accessories.

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Have a great day!

’til next time