Do you need a get well card?


Do you need a get well card. I found this card, I think on Pinterest. I was in need of a get well card. I thought it was so stinkin’ cute, I just had to do one. My sister in law has been hospitalized with pneumonia which of course started as the “common” cold. She went in on the 23rd of December and was released only this week-end. Since October, our hospital has been closed to visitors because of the severity  of the “common” cold. Her daughter was allowed a visit on the 24th but not Christmas day and once or twice since then. She couldn’t even get the TV installed, because the person that takes the request form and hook up was not allowed on the floors!  Pretty bad huh?Roch went to see his sister and bring our card, but was refused visitation. He had to leave the package at the door!   .  With the cold season upon us and every other person down with it, I thought this was an excellent get well card. It’s guaranteed to put a smile on one’s face, don’t you think? So far I have been pretty lucky considering my dear hubby and son caught it. But it is hovering over me, just waiting for me to overdue so my defenses are down. LOL.

I wish I could take the credit for creating this adorable pop-up. But alas… no. I am just responsible for spreading it around…… just like the “common” cold.

I have been asked to share the instructions, so I will by tomorrow. Check back here then or if I am done today, I will let you all know.

So wait no more….. Here is my little kleenex pop up get well card. I made the outside quite simple so not to take away the surprise inside. You can make it any way as simple or as complicated as you wish.

Come back tomorrow. I will have the instructions posted with maybe a video tutorial.


Inside with Pop up Translation of text is “After the rain, comes the good weather.”


The outside of the card very simple and of course there is a matching envelope.


Today is the day!! Project Life is now available. !

Check out the video below


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List of Retiring Stamps


List of Retiring Accessories



And the sale goes on… and the sale goes on!! Yep there may not be free shipping this week, but the weakly deals are just as great. Retiring items in this weeks specials.


 Weekly Deals for 2014-04-29

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Great success



 Hi everyone,

I had my first crop last weekend. It was a huge success! I had great talented women. We laughed and learned and though they were experienced crafters, they learned somethings from me!

Here are some pictures of these wonderful ladies and their comments.


I had a wonderful day with you and the ladies on Saturday. Though I have been an avid crafter for sometime, you still managed to teach me something I did not know. G.G.”


It was a beautiful Saturday, pleasant, constructive and friendly. Lots of  tips and tricks for me. Thank you to you and to the ladies who were willing to share their experience.  See you again soon. M.F.


what a beautiful day I even  met some Fabulous ladies!


Hope you will join us next time!


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My creative process Day 5- What’s inside

As promised, here is how I finished this card. It is not always the same. Sometimes just a whisper white layer on the right side of the inside. But, today I did something special.


My finished card

My creative process Intro


Good morning,

As promised I have created a video series on my creative process.  Here is the first video. Enjoy!!



How to get beautiful photos and showcase them!

Happy camera day,

We have come a long way since the first camera. I remember using a camera with a cube flash. hmm am I giving away my age? Today with digital cameras, taking and showcasing our pictures is really quite easy when you follow the steps I am about to share with you in celebration of camera day.

I was getting ok pictures, but after researching on how I could improve my picture taking, my end results are much improved.  Here are some tips I researched that may help you get the great results you’ve always wanted!

  • Fill the frame when you’re taking photos. Move in close to your subject. Focus on the eyes.
  • As much as possible, use natural light when photographing. Best time to take photos is early morning or late afternoon because the light is softer.
  • Step on a chair above the group when taking group pictures. Having people look up toward the camera creates a flattering image. Don’t shoot legs and feet. Focus on the faces and make sure you have plenty of room around everyone’s head.
  • When looking in the viewfinder, make sure there are no strange objects in the back of anyone’s head. You don’t want it to look as someone is an alien with trees growing out of his head.
  • Now, that you’ve taken great pictures and you’ve created your scrapbook page here are some tips you can do before sharing that page online with family and friends.
  • I wanted to buy a large format scanner until I researched the price. I now take pictures of my pages.

Here’s what I have learned to take better pictures of that beautiful scrapbook page that you want to share online.

  • Lay your page on the floor. I lay mine on the floor in front of a window to capture the natural light.
  • Hold your camera right square over the page to be photographed.( watch that your feet are not in the way)
  • Turn off your camera’s flash. I show two photos here – one with flash on- one with flash off. I prefer the one with the flash off. You will notice that the one with the flash on has a burst of light in one of the photos on the page.
  • Zoom in but leave some room around the photo. (watch your feet don’t get in the way ) I repeat this because it happened to me. I took a great picture but when I went to edit, there they were- my feet! Good thing I had left some room so I could crop them out.
  • Snap your photo
  • Now to enhance your photo! I usually use Photoshop Elements, but for the purpose of this post, (as I know not many have Photoshop) I used Picmonkey. (free editing tool).
  • Go to Picmonkey. Click on Edit photo (top left). Find your photo to upload it to Picmonkey. On the left side of the screen you will see options to crop, rotate, etc. Play around with these enhancing options until you get the result you like. Save your modified photo under a new name as not to lose your original.
  • Hope this has helped you bring your next photo to the next level of expertise.

 This picture was taken with the flash on1- original photo

This one the flash is off. See the difference?

original pic without flash

Finally the image modified in Picmonkey. I cropped it very close.

Photo modif with picmonkeycroppedtight


Resources used for this post.
Stamping is my
Taking good





Contest! Enter now to win

It’s that time of year again. Stampin’ Up will be releasing its list of stamp sets and accessories to make room for new fun products. The list will be released on April 24th.

Here’s how you can win a 20$ gift certificate from me to be used on any order to be placed before May 30th:

  1. If you are not already on my mailing list, go to my website and sign up to be on my mailing list. 
  2. Send me an email with TEN stamp sets that you think will be retired.

The person with the most correct guesses will be the winner!

Please note:

Hostess sets, seasonal catalogue sets or wheels are not allowed in your guesses.  In the case of a tie, I’ll do a random drawing for a winner.  Stampin’ Up! demonstrators not eligible for this contest.  This contest is only open to Canadian entrants.  Gift certificate and discount coupons are only good through me. I reserve the right to close the contest if the list gets leaked early!

If you don’t have a copy of the current annual catalogue on hand click here for an electronic PDF copy.

Look for an email from me on Wednesday April 24th with the retired list and the name of the winner!

Good luck to all!!

Catalogue annuel



Big news!! Stampin’ Up now has Photopolymer Stamps!

Polymer stamps pic

Yes you heard right – Photopolymer Stamps

What makes them so great?

  • They’re entirely transparent for perfect placement every time!
  • They are durable. The photopolymer material is designed to last.
  • Can you say sticky? (Don’t worry; in a good way.) These stamps stick amazingly well to our clear blocks.
  • They’re age tested. They won’t yellow or cloud up over time.
  • They use FDA, food-safe material. How far can you stretch your stamping creativity?
  • We could go on, but we’ll let you try them for yourself.

They are clearly a great choice.

See more details here