As the lazy days of summer come to an end

As the lazy days of summer come to an end, I’m feeling a little blue. We are in between activities. Summer activities are finished and the fall ones have yet to begin. The grand-kids are back in school and our eldest grand-daughter is gone to college. We will see her only on long weekends and Christmas break.

I to am getting ready for the long winter. I am planning my online classes and clubs.

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My first class was last week and it was great!

We made this gorgeous 3D faux book. The ladies had all kinds of ideas. This is my third. As you know I made one for our grand-daughter’s graduation. In case you did not see it click here. It even had a pocket for a little money gift. I made another so I could show the ladies and of course write up my tutorial. You can see that it here .

And…. here is the one I made for a Christmas gift.


Please leave me a comment on what you think of these faux book cards and please be nice.


Faux booik

Faux book closed




The Holiday Sale is on!!

The Holiday Sale is on!

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Stampin’ Up Holiday Sale

Holiday jSale

Holiday jSale

Do you decorate for Halloween?

When my children were small, we always decorated for Halloween. My husband made a man of straw and placed him on the veranda. He also made RIP stones out of Styrofoam and put them on the front lawn.. This and the appropriate music playing outside completed the whole Halloween ambiance. He had fun making the children’s costumes. Yes, the home made ​​costumes were made by my man and I handled the decorations inside.

The children grew and Halloween decorations decreased. But I still love to do decorations myself.

What about you? Do you decorate for Halloween? Do you do the decorations yourself or do you buy them?

I’d like to know how you celebrate Halloween. Do you still go to Halloween Parties? Do you wear a costume?  If so do you make your costume or buy it? Here are some of the costumes from the good ol’ days

Here is one of my first pages (before I knew the material quality. LOL. All costumes in this page (yes even those their friends are wearing were all done by dear hubby with old clothes. The friends would show up before going trick or treating and DH would do them up each their turn. What fun I had watching the master in motion! The kids still talk about these great times.



See those two beautiful angels with their goodies on the bottom right of the page. You’ve guessed it! Their my beautiful angels nice and spank’n clean.

 Can you guess who these two are and who made ​​the costumes?

Ahhhh the good old days!


Halloween Roch_Jeannette 1971

This is a page from the album made by our children for my birthday 60 years. Scrapbooking is contagious!  LOL


halloween 001


Today our children are grown and they decorate for their children, but I had a lot of fun strolling down memory lane with you today.

Get out your old photos! Take a walk down memory lane. It’s good therapy. Write a note beside those pictures so that your children what you were feeling at the time in a certain picture.

’til next time and have a great walk down memory lane.